Thai Public Prosecutor Drops Hakeem Al-Araibi’s Extradition Case

2019-02-11 - 7:44 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Thai Public Prosecutor issued on Monday a decision dropping extradition case against Hakeem Al-Araibi who has been in detention since over 70 days.

Australian coach Craig Foster tweeted "Most important thing now is Hakeem's immediate wellbeing. Sure Embassy staff will take care of him, there'll be tears there tonight, as there are in our household right now."

Foster thanked the "incredible" people who took part in this achievement. He also expressed his gratidure to the wonderful Thai people for their support and the Thai government for its commitment to international laws.

"Many wonderful people stepped forward to help Hakeem. They all deserve to be in front of camera now, not only me. I can't list them, but will thank each of them in time," he said in another tweet.

He added "My thoughts are with Hakeem's wife. Her nightmare will shortly be at an end. Our prayers answered."

BBC correspondent Jonathan Head commented via his Twitter account saying “Looks like a visit by the Thai FM to Bahrain secures it’s agreement to drop the extradition. Attorney-General ruled it was no longer in Thailand’s interest to pursue it,” indicating that lots of people worked hard for this, including Craig Foster and behind the scenes a number of Thais.

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