Thai PM Breaks Silence on Hakeem Al-Araibi: Thailand Working with Australia and Bahrain to Find Solution.

Thai Prime Minister
Thai Prime Minister

2019-02-06 - 4:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has told reporters not to "jump to conclusions" regarding the verdict of detained refugee footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi after an extradition hearing began in Bangkok court on Monday.

Breaking his silence for the first time since Mr Al-Araibi was detained on November 27, the prime minister said Thailand was working with Australia and Bahrain to find a solution.

"Do not jump to conclusions about the verdict and do not politicise this. In the meantime, the Foreign Ministry is coordinating with the two countries, both Australia and Bahrain to find a solution for this issue," he told reporters at a news briefing.

Reuters has quoted the Thai prime minister also saying his government cannot intervene in court proceedings.

For his part, the Thai FM said if they cannot find a solution, Thailand is ready to mediate, adding that he is sure things will not escalate.


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