Al-Wefaq Announces Its Support to Ayatollah Qassim’s Statement

2019-02-03 - 11:53 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society confirmed its support for and adoption of the whole statement issued by Sheikh Isa Qassim, entitled "This is Bahrain".

Al-Wefaq said in its statement that "it stands with all its existence, audience and movement with the contents of this statement, which constitutes a deep understanding of Bahrain and its reality and defines the desired features to build a nation of justice for all, dignity and pride."

The society found that Sheikh Qassim's statement drew the values and humanitarian frameworks for a strong, cohesive, valued and progressive homeland.

It called for activating and building the reality according to these contents, visions and messages that form the headlines for Bahrain's great future.

Al-Wefaq addressed Sheikh Isa Qassim saying, "Your people declare with you: We continue with determination".

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