Appeals Court Upholds Verdicts against All Suspects in Zulfiqar Brigades Case

2019-01-29 - 2:26 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Appeals Court upheld today (Monday, January 28, 2019) verdicts issued against 88 appellants whose sentences range between life term and 3 years in prison with citizenship revocation of all the defendants in the case that includes 138 individuals.

The regime courts decided on October 7, 2018 to assign 26 lawyers to the appellants who counldn't assign lawyers to defend them. 138 citizens were tried in this case before the criminal court issued on May 15, 2018 life sentences against 53 citizens and revoked citizenship of 115 suspects.

It also issued prison sentences ranging between 1 and 15 years against 3 suspects, 10-year jail term against suspect, 7-year jail term against 15, 5-year jail term against 37, and 3-year jail term against 6 others in the same case.

The authorities claim that the suspects worked to establish terrorist organization named "Zulfiqar Brigades".

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