Civil Service Bureau President Says Annual Promotions will be Given to Individuals Accepted in Optional Retirement

2018-12-23 - 7:03 م

Bahrain Mirror: The President Of Civil Service Bureau Ahmed Al-Zayed stated that the annual promotion for 2019 will be handed out to all employees who have been accepted in the optional retirement program who fit the requirements according to the approved regulations, including those who are set to exit with the first batch on 31 January 2019 and the following batches.

He added that specialists will coordinate with competent parties to make sure that appropriate measures are taken to finish this batch's services, pointing out the importance of employees buying the virtual service years in coordination with their parties from their job, so that they can complete the procedures with the Public Social Service Commission accordingly. Government entities will also insert the necessary procedures for the end of service promotion receivables, previous services' differences, and the final account for employees accepted in the program according to the dates in the time plan.

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