NAO Report: Government Universities outside Supervision of Higher Education Council

2018-12-23 - 9:29 م

Bahrain Mirror: The National Audit Office report showed that the Higher Education Council prepared a single booklet after a survey that showed that graduates did not meet the expectations of employers, because they lacked the requisite skills. Meanwhile, the council claimed that it completed 80% of its initiatives, and that the Secretariat did not seek the implementations of 15 initiatives that it adopted, and only sufficed with what it included in the Government's Programme of Action, which does not help achieve the strategic objectives.

The report also noted that the law of higher education did not provide any sanctions or actions the council can take against violators. It showed that in case the withdrawal of an educational institution's license, the council handles the financial aspect and does not guarantee the academic conditions of students. Besides, there are no guarantees on the validity of decisions to accept or reject study programs, due to lack of formation of experienced scientific examination committees.

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