NAO Report: Some Patients are Treated in Al-Salmaniya Corridors, Others on Chairs

2018-12-23 - 8:14 م

Bahrain Mirror: The National Audit Office report on the performance of the Al-Salmaniya medical complex cited examples of serious professional errors that caused the death of many patients, whose files were not referred to the National Health Regulatory Authority "NHRA". The Ministry of Health only conducted an internal investigation without proving that it had carried out investigations. Besides, the period in which it told the Commission in some cases was 420 days, despite the fact that the law provided only 5 days.

The complex lacks an integrated team of physicians to ensure that critical situations are handled at the most rapid pace, as well as lack in number of beds in the accident and emergency department from 92 to 80. The quality of treatment is likely to be negatively affected, given that there are two beds in a space specified for one only. Sometimes patients are put in hospital corridors, while others stay on chairs.

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