Jaw Prison Police Threatens Death-Row Convicts: These are Your Last Days

2018-12-21 - 7:41 م

Bahrain Mirror: A number of political death row prisoners in Bahrain said that on Tuesday (December 18, 2018) police attacked the unarmed building in the notorious Jaw Prison and evacuated all death-row convicts from the building, hand folded them and made them stand for long hours. They also threatened them saying that these were their last days and they will soon be executed.

Families said that the prison guards confiscated all belongings of the death-row convicts, from papers, books, blankets and clothes.

For his part, legal advisor Ibrahim Serhan commented on this incident via tweets he posted on his Twitter account saying "What is going on in the unarmed building (building number 1) in Jaw Prison? Where is the Public Prosecution? Where is the National Institution for Human Rights? Where is the Ombudsman? Where is the Special Investigation Unit?"

He continued wondering "If you did not give them orders to torture prisoners in the unarmed building and threaten them with execution, then why don't you investigate these crimes?"

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