Activist Zainab Al-Khamis Released after Hours of Arrest at Causeway Entrance while Returning from Saudi Arabia

2018-12-19 - 9:16 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini security authorities released on Tuesday (December 18, 2018) member of Bahrain Human Rights Society Zainab Al-Khamis after detaining her for hours at King Fahd Causeway entrance upon her return from Saudi Arabia.

Al-Khamis said via her Twitter account that the Bahraini passports directorate stopped her for one and a half hours at the ground entrance upon her return from Mecca, adding that "this is the second time I get stopped and the procedures [of my entry] and of those accompanying me get hindered without receiving clear justification or being allowed to ask about (the reason for the arrest). What worries me is the continuous attempts to target me."

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