Two Scenes in King's Accession to Throne Day: Naturalized Individual Expresses Love to King, Indigenous Bahraini Speaks of Oppression

2018-12-19 - 3:29 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Two scenes on the day of the 17th anniversary of the King's Accession to the Throne that summarize the current situation of the country, of the Bahraini citizen as well as the days to come with which the king promised his people.

Scene 1: The King of Bahrain receives on December 16, 2018, with a warm welcome, the naturalized Iraqi mercenary of Palestinian origin, Mohammad Al-Arab, giving him the "National Action Order". The latter commented on his Twitter page, saying: "When your leader asks about you and follows your affairs and family affairs with love and compassion, be sure that you are standing before Hamad, the King of Bahrain and the sponsor of the reform project. Your words are the medal, thank you, my lord, my leader, my inspiration and my pride. "



Scene 2: A video posted by an indigenous Bahraini citizen, with signs of oppression and grievance on his face. Commenting on the wave of "patriotic" love songs that are being broadcast on official state radio and television these days, he says with a voice filled with headache: "Are you teaching us to love our home? Is there anyone who doesn't love his country? The love of the homeland is rooted in us. We want someone to love us. Who loves us? Where is the decent life that they promised us with? We live in sorrow, there isn't any citizen who isn't oppressed and deprived." He adds that when he tell his sons to go out to attend the celebrations of the national day, they answer him: "Where do we go? What do we celebrate? Let those whom they brought here to our schools celebrate (in a reference to naturalized citizens)" He then goes on to say:" These are the children and how they feel. This generation is broken. Young children say: we have no house and we have nothing, what do we celebrate?" He wonders, "What do I answer them?"



These two scenes summarize the reality of the Bahraini situation which has been entrenched by the King of Bahrain. A naturalized mercenary brags that the King "pursues his affairs and family affairs with love and kindness", and a Bahraini indigenous wonders desperately: "We want someone to love us. Who loves us?" You only have to be a mercenary to live a blessed luxury life with the love and kindness of the king, and you only have to be a noble Bahraini to live in suffering and feel that you are in a country where no one loves you.

The mercenary Mohammad Al-Arab lives a luxurious life in Bahrain. He was granted the Bahraini citizenship for his dirty work by spreading sedition and lies that contributed to the division of Bahraini society. He is known for his great exploitation of the Bahrain crisis in 2011 with his many media appearances. He cited in his reports many rumors and false news about the protests and distorted them. He received a big salary from the Ministry of the Interior in return for his hidden role that he played in the security media directed towards the distortion and criminalization of the national movement. This mercenary meets the king who asks about him "with love and kindness", and honors him with his medals, donations and generous gifts. Meanwhile, only beatings, taxes, unemployment, humiliation and degrading treatment while waiting for housing units, displacement and the revocation of citizenships await the Bahraini citizen.

This is another video of another native Bahraini who has cancer and in the last days of his life, crying and wishing to die after he was banned from practicing his job which is his sole source of income, which is fishing. Perhaps his wife will get the widow's salary from which she will be able to raise their children.



And here is Mohammad Khatem still protesting at the government building demanding that he is rehired at his job, from which he was arbitrarily dismissed, or any other work that enables him to pay for his family. However, every time the government responded to him, it was with imprisonment and then releasing him. He them repeats the scenario by holding another sit-in, and gets re-arrested. His demands fall on deaf ears.



These villas are examples of what naturalized persons in Bahrain are granted, the mercenaries working in the security apparatuses and other state agencies, in contrast with the homes of Bahrainis who according to the government's actions do not deserve the attention of the government or its welfare, love or compassion.



On the 17th anniversary of the King's Accession to the Throne, this is Bahrain: an oppressed citizen, a wasted country and an honored naturalized "citizen".


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