Hasan Mushaima Still Waiting Results of Cancer Test He Underwent Last August

2018-12-06 - 8:29 م

Bahrain Mirror: Ali Mushaima, son of prominent opposition leader and detainee Hasan Mushaima, said that his father is still waiting for the results of the cancer test he underwent last August. 

Mushaima indicated that his father didn't receive his medications this week too.

Mushaima is serving a life term, along with Bahraini opposition leaders, for taking part in leading the pro-democracy protests that demanded putting an end to Al Khalifa monopoly in 2011.

The authorities oppressed the protests by force and made use of Gulf forces to crush them. They then arrested the opposition leaders, along with the thousands who took part in the protests.

There are around 4000 Bahrainis arrested over political cases, according to human rights statistics.

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