Families of Martyrs: We Urge Boycott of Elections (Statement)

2018-11-24 - 5:44 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In a statement, the families of the martyrs in Bahrain called for boycotting the legislative elections, pointing out that they are merely sham elections to give the regime and the laws issued by it legitimacy.

"The blood of our martyrs, the arrests of thousands, the revocation of nationalities and forcing thousands to emigrate and live in foreign countries" calls on those who think of participating to "to take a stand and resort to their conscience," said the families in their statement.

Hence, it is very important to emphasize that these martyrs do not only represent an emotional state that speaks of the stories of the victims of the regime's injustice, but rather represent a national stance, expressing the people's conviction for the need for real change, the statement further read.

The families stressed that at this very juncture in this country's history and during these parliamentary elections in its fourth round (November 2018), they see it's a national responsibility to remind their people that the sacrifices of the martyrs were not made to be forgotten, but they are rather represent a state of perseverance and steadfastness, and the renewal of the pledge to make social advancement, unify of the forces of good and make progress until the popular demands and national goals are met.

The families of the martyrs further called on people, individuals, groups, institutions, associations and societies not to take part in the formal procedures of the regime, including the sham parliamentary elections, in order not to give it and its legislations and laws legitimacy or a means to justify its methods of oppressive governance that it has been practicing for decades. "Thus, we see that boycotting these elections and promoting their boycott are the kind of sacrifices made by the martyrs when they shed their blood to achieve true change. We call upon all the people of the nation to sign the petition demanding the right to self-determination through the formation of a constitutional council for drafting a constitution by the people themselves."


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