Court Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against 4 Suspects Accused of Putting Hoax Bomb in Al-Budai Street

2018-11-11 - 9:51 م

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court rejected the appeal of 4 defendants convicted of manufacturing a hoax bomb and putting it in Al-Budai street near Diraz. The court upheld the 3-year jail term issued against the 3 appellants and rejected that appeals of the 4th.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspects of putting, on November 29, 2018, along with other unknowns a hoax bomb on the public street for a terrorist aim. The court said in its ruling that given the first, third and fourth suspects were still under 18 years of age on the date the incident took place, thus basing the verdict on mitigating circumstances, set forth in Articles 70 and 71 of the Penal Code.

The first-instance court sentenced the 4 suspects to 3 years in jail and ordered the confiscation of seized items.

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