Qatar Denies Involvement in “Qatar Spy Case”, Condemns Mentioning its Name in Bahrain’s Internal Disputes

2018-11-05 - 8:11 م

Bahrain Mirror: Commenting on the verdict issued against opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, Qatar denied its involvement in what it's known as Qatar spy case and called on Bahrain to deal with the international community more seriously.

The State of Qatar has condemned mentioning its name in Bahrain's political disputes and internal conflicts, following the recent verdict on Bahraini citizen Ali Salman for what is known by media Qatar spy case, an accusation that is denied by the State of Qatar.

Qatar called on relevant institutions in Bahrain to deal with the local, the GCC and international public opinion more seriously and responsibly, and not resorting to the politicization of the judiciary or mentioning the name of Qatar in favor of political scores.

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