Bahraini Scholars: Regime Lost its Legitimacy after its Verdict against Sheikh Ali Salman

2018-11-05 - 7:44 م

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's religious scholars stressed that "the regime has lost its legitimacy and has sentenced itself to a life separation from people on the day in which its corrupt judges and judiciary sentenced his Eminence Sheikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Hasan Sultan and Mr. Ali Al-Aswad to life in jail." They added that "it is a verdict against the few who are left to represent people in a real way."

The scholars indicated in a statement on November 4, that "after the Bahraini regime lost its legitimacy and after its attempts to pressure the people and leaders to surrender failed, it became completely devoid of rationality and decided to descend to the end of a dark tunnel that will only lead to its demise and destruction."

The scholars added "this false trial reveals the size of politicization and manipulation of judiciary," calling to release all detainees and on top Sheikh Ali Salman.

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