Dissidents & Activists Demanded Acquittal of Sheikh Ali Salman on Eve of Verdict

2018-11-04 - 11:37 م

Bahrain Mirror: A number of dissidents and activists in Bahrain expressed their solidarity with the Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq Sheikh Ali Salman on the eve of his verdict was set to be announced, as well as prominent opposition figures Sheikh Hassan Sultan and Ali Al-Aswad on charges of "communicating with Qatar."

"When Sheikh Ali Salman was arrested, All the observers saw that the political situation in Bahrain had entered a dark tunnel. And following years of imprisonment, it was revealed to the world that Bahrain was heading towards the worse politically, economically and socially, and the right path to take is declaring his innocence," said Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, Al-Wefaq deputy Secretary-General, in a series of tweets.

For his part, government opponent Ibrahim Sharif said: "Life is a stand of dignity. MPs and politicians are racing to win weak parliamentary seats, but the only seat that Sheikh Ali Salman cares about is his seat in the hearts of good people. "

"I salute Sheikh Ali Salman on the eve of his trial. I knew him as a man of patriotic stances, open to others, a promoter of dialogue and negotiation to resolve the political crisis in Bahrain, who initiates building bridges, respects his commitments, looks for solutions to the crisis, and actively contributed to the drafting of the opposition documents: Manama, nonviolence, no to hatred," tweeted former Wa'ad Secretary-General Radhi Al-Moussawi.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the Wahdawi group, Fadel Abbas, wrote: "I salute Sheikh Ali Salman, who is paying the price of his noble stances.. For the interest of Bahrain, this advocate of peaceful activism should be released for his presence is important for finding a political solution and the peaceful approach."

Also, head of the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, Baqer Darwish, said that the trial of Sheikh Ali Salman "is a unprecedented, as in the history of diplomacy, no initiative has been tried and turned into a spy case. It is the malicious methodology of the judicial institution in Bahrain towards freedom of political action."

Yousef Al-Khaja, a member of Wa'ad Society, wrote on Twitter: "The homeland does not need more tension and unrest. We hope that the spirit of love will win over the spirit of revenge. Many are the ones who benefit from spewing division and hatred."


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