Court Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against Abdullah Al-Binali for Attempting to Flee Bahrain with Friend’s Passport

2018-11-03 - 7:05 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeals upheld a 3-year imprisonment verdict against ISIS member Abdullah Al-Binali after convicting him of using his friend's passport and attempting to leave the kingdom, for being wanted for security reasons due to joining the terrorist ISIS affiliation.

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation received a report saying that the 26-year-old Abdullah Al-Binali was apprehended at the Bahrain International Airport while trying to flee Bahrain. He changed his appearance, so that the policemen wouldn't be able to recognize and arrest him. He handed over someone else's passport to an employee, and as the information was being checked, it was revealed that he was not using his own passport. Thus, he was arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution.

During the investigations, the accused admitted that the incident took place and that he had preaching activities to attend. He further stated that he is banned from traveling because he is wanted over security issues. He also said that he wanted to travel to Turkey to request political asylum. The idea of using someone else's passport came to his mind, so he headed to his friend's home who wasn't aware that Al-Binali was a wanted suspect. Al-Binali told him that there was a paid Umrah package and asked for his passport so that he could register his name. Afterwards, Al-Binali bought two flight tickets to Oman and then to Turkey. The suspect's previous record showed that he is wanted over the charge of joining a terrorist organization.

The Public Prosecution accused him of using someone else's official documents, which is a passport, on April 20, 2015 and submitted it to an employee in the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs to finish his travel papers to the Sultanate of Oman.

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