Internet Disruption, Power Outage in Parts of Bahrain due to Heavy Rain, Local Newspaper

2018-10-22 - 12:44 م

Bahrain Mirror: Heavy rains in Bahrain have led to power cuts and internet disruptions in some areas, local Al-Bilad newspaper reported.

The rain, which was accompanied by strong winds, was concentrated in the center and north of the country, which affected several areas, including Isa Town, Sitra and A'ali and Zayed Town.

The paper further stated that electricity was cut in the industrial area of ​​Ma'amir, amid the thunderstorm witnessed in different areas across the kingdom.

A resident of the Riffa area complained to the newspaper that the internet service had been out since the beginning of the storm. He added that he was surprised by the weak internet service on several devices which was later completely cut off.

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