Detainee Hani Marhoun: NIHR Ignores my Appeals regarding Torture since over a Year

2018-10-19 - 11:39 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Hani Ahmad Isa Marhoun announced starting a hunger strike in order to put an end to what he called "all violations and breaches in Bahraini prisons".

He said in a statement that he "contacted all competent parties in the state, namely directors of national human rights organizations and I asked to urgently meet with them, however, all my attempts with them and through all official means were fruitless, despite my continuous communication with them since over a year and a half."

He explained "the sufferings we, prisoners, are experiencing are against all laws (...) Thus, one of us should take a stance to stop all these violations, mainly systematic torture."

Marhoun called on the competent parties to contact "the National Institution for Human Rights, Ombudsman and detainees' commission in order to hasten this meeting," indicating that he had launched a hunger strike since Sunday (October 14, 2018).

He further stated that he will continue his hunger strike until his meeting with them takes place.

The political prisoner held the heads of the mentioned institutions responsible for any deterioration in his health, because he made them aware of the gravity of the situation.

Hani Marhoun is currently serving a 15-year jail term in Jaw Central Prison over political cases. His son Hussein (16 years) is also serving a one-year jail term.