30 Children Poisoned, Prison Administration Refuses to Transfer them to Hospital: SALAM Org.

2018-10-17 - 10:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights revealed that 30 children in juvenile prison in the notorious Dry Dock Prison were poisoned on October 15.

The organization said that according to documents it received, Dry Dock Prison's administration refused to send the infected to the hospital and only sent one child because he lost consciousness.

Prisoners of conscience face systematic reprisals in Bahrain's prisons, where Jaw prison administration continues to raid their prison cells, confiscate their personal belongings, and subject some of them to abuse and ill-treatment. Meanwhile, the administration punish others by transferring them to solitary confinement as punishment.

The Prisoners of Conscience Committee in Diraz said earlier that Dry Dock Prison administration cut water and stopped air conditioning from buildings of the detained children despite high temperature.

The Committee described these actions as retaliatory and immoral towards detained children and expressed concerns over them due to the very hot summer season in Bahrain.

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