Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq Calls for Strong Position to Boycott Elections that "Will Only Increase Our Misery"

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq
Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq

2018-10-13 - 1:03 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Daqaq, a prominent Bahraini cleric in the Qom Hawza, called for taking a strong stance in boycotting the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

"We call on you, our honorable people in Bahrain, to take a strong and decisive stance, and not let the authorities intimidate you... Boycott these elections" he said in a statement (on October 10, 2018). "These elections will only increase our misery, and injustice will further increase as well... This parliament is the authorities' parliament," he added.

"The authorities in Bahrain want to pass their arbitrary laws in the name of the people through this nominal parliament. We want to show the world that the people of Bahrain reject this parliament and these elections," he further stated.

"In honor of Sheikh Al-Jamri, the blood of martyrs, our leaders behind bars, our detainees and the displaced, and in honor of our revered Sheikh Ayatollah Qassim, we call on you to boycott," Al-Duqaq stressed.


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