MoI Says Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Funded Individuals to Write on Streets “Down with Hamad”

"Down with Hamad" writing on street in Shiite village west of capital Manama (archive)

2018-09-27 - 1:05 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): How does the Bahraini regime take itself seriously when announcing that Iran's Revolutionary Guard stand behind the "Down Down with Hamad" writings on a street in Al-Malikiya village, which was carried out by group of Bahraini youth? How doesn't the government feel insulted when announcing that the Revolutionary Guard was behind funding such an act? Are the officials writing and announcing such statements fully conscious or are they under the influence of an intoxicant or drug of some sort? What funding do these writings need?! Funding the can of paint, for example?! Doesn't the regime feel embarrassed or afraid for its image in the eyes of the public opinion when announcing such statements?

This is not a joke; it's the truth of the matter. The Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are responsible for the funding. It further added that the Director-General of the Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science Department announced the arrests of 15 rioters for carrying out abusive activities in Al-Malikiya during the Ashura season. Since everyone is aware that the "act of rioting" was writing "Down Down with Hamad" on streets of Al-Malikiya village, then what did the revolutionary guard fund exactly?

As usual, the Ministry published the photos of the suspects, their names and jobs as well. It, however, didn't publish their ages that seem to range between teenage years and twenties. The suspects include 5 unemployed, 2 security employees, 6 manual workers and 2 students. Should the Ministry have thought it out thoroughly, given that this group of people consists of unemployed citizens and simple workers, it would have realised the reason that made them express their hatred towards the regime in this way, noting that all the suspects looked extremely worn out in the photos.

In the same context, a couple of days ago on (September 25), the Chief of Terrorist Crimes Prosecution Ahmed Al-Hammadi said: "The prosecution of terrorist crimes concluded the investigation into the establishment of a terrorist group named Bahraini Hezbollah". According to the statement "the 169 suspects in the case of the so-called "Bahraini Hezbollah" terrorist group will be put on trial before the Fourth High Criminal Court on October 3. The suspects, including 111 in custody, were charged with forming and joining a terrorist group, detonating a bomb, attempting murder, training on the use of firearms and explosives and possessing, making and using explosives and handling firearms without license. Other charges included receiving and providing money to the terrorist group, hiding ammunition and explosives and damaging public and private property."

Like so, Bahrainis always hear the same two accusations, pinning the blame of everything happening in the country on either Iran's Revolutionary Guard or Hezbollah. Qatar has been recently added to list as well. As if they witness the same game every time, knowing its beginning, middle and end. All of the regime has to do is put Iran or Hezbollah's name in a complete sentence about terrorist activity and terrorist cells to show that Bahrain is being targeted from abroad in order to gain sympathy and receive financial aid. As Al-Wefaq former MP Ali Al-Aswad says: "the authorities' way of receiving aid from nearby gulf states is announcing that there are fake terrorist cells."


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