Detainee Mohammed Faraj: Patient with Multiple Sclerosis Still without Medication in Risky Condition

2018-09-06 - 11:41 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The family of Mohammed Faraj, a patient who suffers from multiple sclerosis, confirmed that he has been without medication since a week ago. He said in a telephone conversation that he was suffering from head and eye pain because he was deprived of his medication. In addition to the fact that the prison administration is taking the prisoners out into the open field at noon, despite extremely high temperatures.

The family of Faraj, who was sentenced to seven years in prison in politically-motivated case, has complained that his pills have run out, and that he wasn't receiving his medicine for a week, despite the serious consequences this action would lead to.

They said on Twitter that they contacted Jaw Central Prison Clinic to inquire about this, and their initial response was that they blamed the mistake on Salmaniya Hospital, who said the drug had run out of stock, while later saying that the hospital's pharmacy refused to give the patient the drug without a doctor's prescription.

The family accused the prison administration of recklessness and negligence in treating Faraj, as well as disregard for his health condition, and stated that even when transfered to the Salmaniya Medical Center, he is not being referred to a specialist.

"To whom should we complain so that prison conditions would be improved? Isn't it enough that we have not visited him for almost two consecutive years because of the reduced time of visit and the glass barrier that prevents us from embracing him," they stressed.

This is not the first time Faraj has been denied treatment since he entered prison on a wheelchair in January 2015. His family also noted that he had not been taken to the hospital to undergo an MRI, which is supposed to be done on an annual basis, since the day of his imprisonment to date.

Multiple sclerosis is a rare disease that affects the central nervous system and may lead to complete paralysis.

The mother of the inmate demanded that any health ministry official or "humanitarian organization" intervene to save her son, who said he was "withering and approaching the stage of life-threatening danger," holding accountable those who impede his access as a patient to persistent health care and delay providing his medication for any dire consequences.


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