Editorial: Fake Website Deceived Whole Kingdom of Bahrain

2018-09-03 - 8:08 م

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Do you want proof of the fragility of the state of Bahrain and evidence that shows Bahrain is merely an administrative regime run hazardously, except for political security? Political security in Bahrain is strong; it's stronger than anything. You only have to surf the fraudulent Lahaye university website.

A university that is reduced down to only a website, without an establishment, a campus, administrative structure, board of trustees or even professors. It is also not accredited in any state in the world. Despite all of these factors, this fake university managed to widely penetrate the Kingdom of Bahrain. It granted academic certificates and honorary degrees to ambassadors in the diplomatic corps and the speaker of Parliament and its members. These who were granted these degrees were immediately congratulated by the PM, Royal Court Minister and Minister of Interior.

The founders of this university freely visit Bahrain; they sign agreements with local universities "Kingdom University" and professional parties "journalists". They attract government employees and falsely graduate them as PhD students. Others also "took" courses later receiving diplomas, Master's degrees and PhDs. This created an active circle that in a way made this fake website seem bigger than the Kingdom of Bahrain itself.

Security officers in Bahrain count the breaths of people and hold them accountable if they post anything on Twitter. However, Education Ministry officials, the Higher Education Council, National Commission for the Evaluation of qualifications, the Education and Training Quality Authority, media outlets, newspapers, and professors of the Media and Journalism faculty- all of them seem so small and helpless, as the days have proven. All of them failed to disclose the secret of this fake site and tell the truth to the people.

"The university is working on preparing its own organizational structure and the details of this structure will be published once the administrative regulations governing the work of faculties and departments have been completed." This is what the fake university says on its official website since 2007 to date. "The Dutch Ministry of Education does not recognize our certificates". This is what it says about itself. It almost doesn't hide anything. It's crystal clear. Nonetheless, the Bahraini state agencies remained unaware since 2007.  This has proven that a fake site of an imaginary university could be bigger than a state. "Lahaye" University has allowed us, Bahrainis, to get to know our country even better!


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