Numerous Victims of Qualifications System Evaluation: Read Comments of Chief of Public Security’s Son

2018-08-31 - 2:34 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): What if you were told that the national committee of accreditation of foreign qualifications didn't accept to accredit your graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, which is ranked globally as one of the most important universities. Will you believe? What if you were told that the same committee headed by Fawzi Al-Jowder Ministry of Education's Undersecretary for Educational and Curricula Affairs asked an Oxford graduate to translate his PhD to Arabic, in order to equivalize his degree, will you believe? We call you to believe, for you are in Bahrain.

To know the reasons, read this paragraph carefully: scandal of forged universities in Bahrain is linked to the system of equalizing and accrediting foreign scientific qualifications. This system proved its failure in containing the forging phenomenon. Meanwhile, it hindered the interests of most of students who obtained important degrees from foreign countries. A system that only harms and doesn't yield any benefit. There is also no reason to keep it in its current way. The one who wrote this paragraph is not a dissident or "rebellious" or one of those whom you read their news every day in the Bahraini press. Hasan Al-Hasan, son of Chief of Public Security Tariq Al-Hasan, is the one who wrote it.

Al-Hasan resides in the British Capital, London, where he pursues his studies as a PhD student in King's College London. He defines himself as a Bahraini researcher in the international relations. He was the senior analyst in the Crown Prince's office and first deputy of the PM in Bahrain.

Let's keep on reading Al-Hasan's comments which he posted on his own Twitter account in coincidence with the faked certificates scandal, "This system proved its failure in containing the forging phenomenon. Meanwhile, it hindered the interests of most of students who obtained important degrees from foreign countries. A system that only harms and doesn't yield any benefit. There is also no reason to keep it working in this current way."

"All the attempts to modify the system of accrediting qualifications have failed until now. Waiting periods are still long and the committee's decision are issued in a brief and unjustified way, which complicates the grievance mission in case of rejection. Most of the officials in the contempt directorate are not specialized in the education sector or in the evaluation of qualifications," he adds.

Dinosaur of Qualifications

Son of Chief of Public Security describes the system of qualifications evaluation as a "Dinosaur that should be rooted out". He says "this dinosaur system of qualifications evaluation should be rooted out and a new mechanism should be developed to match the experience of developed countries and the changing nature of government employment. In the 21st century, it is not accepted that qualification holders wait for 3 or 4 years during which they are denied official employment."

The account of Tariq Al-Hasan's son has become a destination to share the stories of the victims. One complains about the delay and he responds "the same strange story... my papers remained with them 4 years. You should file a complaint on a social media outlet so that they take an action."

Tweeter Isa Al-Moawda recounts an important story that reflects the grievances of the Bahraini qualification system. He says "I heard one of MIT graduates, one of the most important universities in the world, saying that the ministry refused to equalize his certificate claiming that MIT is an institution and not a university. Of course, the story is old, but it gives an idea."

Al-Hasan answers "indeed, I've heard about this story. There are also other examples. One of the colleagues has recently graduated from Trinity College, an excellent university in Ireland. The ministry is still refusing until now to recognize her certificate. There are also many other stories from people who graduated from SAOS and others."

Translate Your Thesis

Tweeter Yasser has a story as much important as that recounted by Al-Moawada. He says "I know someone who obtained his PhD degree from Oxford. They told him translate your thesis to Arabic in order to equalize it."

Tweeter Soha wrote "I know someone who was told after receiving a scholarship in Dutch DELFET University, one of the most important universities in teaching engineering, that the certificate of this university is not accredited."

Monira Al-Khalifa supported Hasan Tariq Al-Hasan's words "you are right. A system that harms and doesn't benefit because the one responsible for stopping our certificates is the same one responsible for passing your faked certificates."

A citizen named Faisal Al-Sheikh complained to Al-Hasan "I am one of those who were harmed. I graduated from Britain with a master's degree in pharmacy. My certificate was equalized as a BA degree. I complained and nothing changed, although it is accredited in Britain and EU as a master's degree. I handed them all the documents from the high education in UK and my university that proves my certificate qualification."

Fahd Al-Dosari also complained "I am a NYU graduate. They refused to equalize my certificate. I complained and no one responded."

Al-Hasan explains here that "the catastrophe is that the ministry doesn't show the reason behind refusing to equalize the certificate. The best way, from my own experience, is to prove that the study program and the university are recognized by any Gulf country (preferably Saudi Arabia).

Iran is not the Reason

After the ministry of education tried to deviate the issue of forged certificates through undersecretaries Mohammad Mobarak and Fawzi Al-Jowdar, Hasan Tariq Al-Hasan returned to Twitter to answer them "the issue is not related to Iran or China or the profits of any institution. The issue reveals a flaw in the system of evaluation of scientific qualifications and a failure in surveillance and promotions at some parties. My question is: Where are the MPs, newspapers and writes?"

This is only a part of what is uttered by those who are well aware of the education system and its tools. A young educated man and very close to the regime, and also the first deputy of the head of Bahraini government and Crown Prince says the truth; the education system in Bahrain is like a dinosaur that should be rooted out.

What the son of Chief of Public Security, who has close ties with the Crown Prince and all the regime, says is that people like Minister of Education Majid Al-Nuaimi and his 2 undersecretaries Mohammad Mobarak and Fawzi Al-Jowdar are only persons who are evading the scandal. People won't hear good news from audit and review committees in the system of system of evaluation of qualifications regarding the fake certificates. No one will approach the holders of fake certificates who are close to the regime. Before Al-Nuaimi and his two undersecretaries, the PM Khalifa bin Salman had assured one of the executioner by photo and sound saying "law will not be applied on you".


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