Your Excellency, Ebdaa Bank CEO Khalid Al-Ghazzawi: You Excelled in Forging your Diploma

2018-08-29 - 1:32 ص

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Under the pressure he was exposed to, CEO of Ebdaa Bank had to admit that the PhD degree he received has nothing to do with an actual doctorate; however, he continued to go on about the diploma and the university that granted him this high academic achievement.

Khalid Al-Ghazzawi who is spending his vacation in his country, Jordan, posted on his Twitter account a statement in which he recounted his life story until he said that he contacted RAY University (only a website) and registered in the international business program for $13.485.

He said "materials were sent to me via links to study them. Then I was set for an exam through a link I received and I was informed two months after the exam that I have passed it with an excellent mark. I then received the diploma in June 2006."

It's a laughable matter, not because Al-Ghazzawi received his PhD degree online and not because he "achieved" an excellent degree, but because he finished his PhD studies within four months only. Al-Ghazzawi didn't register in the program until late 2005, according to him.

How did he dare, after forging his degree, to blatantly say: "With all honesty and transparency known about me to all those who know me in person, since I got my doctorate degree I have not been in contact with the said university (...) but I admit that the doctorate I obtained is a professional one related to expertise, and not an academic one."

The Ebdaa Bank CEO exceled twice; when he faked his academic diploma that he obtained within four months, and when saying that it is a "professional degree". He is well aware that the professional PhD is only a lie created by the universities to grant those who aspire to have the "Dr." title before their names in return for extremely high costs. This is exactly what happened with Al-Ghazzawi who paid $13,000 (5,000 BD) to buy these two letters "Dr."

Professor of Population Census in Cairo University Hesham Makhlouf comments: "the student is granted a professional diploma, Master's degree or doctorate in the least effort and with the highest expenses. Such degrees as is clear from their name, i.e. professional certificates (...) may be acceptable in the diploma degree which is considered as rehabilitation of specialties required by the labor market."

"Isn't this like buying certificates for less effort and hight expenses?" said Makhlouf. It is their greediness for the "Dr." title, and of course the word "professional" will disappear when you write this title, as the graduate will not mention that it is a professional degree.

Your Excellency, Dr. Makhlouf, it seems that you are talking about Dr. Al-Ghazzawi. Although he knows that he purchased a forged degree, the bank and its official data documents mentioned the Dr. title before his name! Why didn't this honest and transparent man ask the bank to remove this cursed title?

In March 2011, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor Guttenberg resigned from his post after it was discovered that he copied large parts of his PhD thesis from other sources. Of course, no one expects the "Dr." to resign after discovering his forged degree, but we are recounting the story of the German minister to show the meaning of honesty and transparency to the alleged "Dr". Maybe there will more to the story.


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