Recorded Phone Call between Mushaima and his Son: Harassing Us May Be "Orders from Above"

2018-08-23 - 9:01 م

Bahrain Mirror: The prominent Bahraini imprisoned dissident Hasan Mushaima said in a phone call he made with his son Ali Mushaima, on Sunday (August 19, 2018), that orders to harass him and harass political prisoners started with the appointment of the new prison administration and that he believes that these orders are from "orders from above", in a reference to the senior leaders in the authority.

Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) published on its YouTube channel the phone call between Mushaima and his son, who is protesting in front of the Bahraini Embassy in London and is on hunger strike in protest against the treatment his father receives inside the prison.

Mushaima, whose voice seemed exhausted and anxious said: "No one would have a different opinion about visiting their family and beloved ones in those conditions. No one would want to be denied medical treatment. But since the new administration came, the problems began."

He added: "I do not believe this depends on the new administration, but there are "orders from above", orders to harass us."

Mushaima accused the prison administration of lying and said that they claim that they are providing us with special food "they have people who are willing to lie".

The Bahraini dissident reiterated his stance rejecting to go bound by the chains. "I, as a free human being with dignity, can't accept that," he commented.

Mushaima stated that he now suffers from high sugar levels and that he needs to take 2-3 insulin shots every day to keep sugar level under control. He continued that the issue wasn't like that before with sports and movement and that he reached this situation after being prevented from medications.

He considered that being denied medications by the prison administration is negatively affecting his health.

He also said that he has not been seen by a specialist for diabetes who could prescribe him an adequate follow-up treatment. This is the case with the other complications arising from the other illnesses I suffer from.

The well-known political dissident, who is sentenced to life in jail over his role in 2011 protests, expressed his fear that cancer has returned to him.

He also said that "the treatment which I started in London years ago did not continue in Bahrain, where I was only treated twice". Mushaima mentioned that he hasn't have his scans done since over a year, although it was decided to have them done every six months. He stressed that he doesn't know whether cancer has returned or no.

In the call Ali told his father: "This is your basic rights which should not be negotiated. It is unethical, that a man is banned from medical treatment and seeing his family."

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