King Hamad Reiterates Al Khalifa Priority in Ruling Qatari Al-Zubarah: We Will Not Forget Assault of 1937

2018-08-17 - 6:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa noted the authority of his tribe on the Qatari Al-Zubarah area. He pointed put during receiving members of Al-Nuaim tribe to the rule and sovereignty of Al Khalifa on Qatar Peninsula since the establishment of Al Khalifa state in Al-Zubarah in 1762.

He said the state of Al Khalifa "extended to include Qatar Peninsula and its capital (Al-Zubarah). Al Khalifa established security and prosperity until Al-Zubarah became a prominent political, economic and civilizational destination in the Arabian Gulf region."

"We will never forget the assault of 1937 against Al-Zubara people and the forced displacement that resulted from it and which consequence are still ongoing and documented until our days. May God grant his mercy upon our martyrs," he further stated.

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