Ali Mushaima Has Lost 7 Kilograms since He Started His Hunger strike

2018-08-14 - 8:13 م

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: Ali Mushaima, who is on hunger strike in order to demand treatment and medication right to his father Hasan Mushaima, Haq Movement Secretary General, said that the complications of his strike started to appear on him. Mushaima told Bahrain Mirror that he has lost 7 kilos since he started his hunger strike.

He stressed "I demand my father a fundamental right, right to life and to survive. I am serious in continuing my hunger strike until my father gets his right (...). My father has the right to freedom and I only demanded his right to treatment. Otherwise, he needs freedom and treatment and they are among his rights."

Mushaima added "I have clearly set my demands and they are fundamental demands, full treatment, family visitation, returning of confiscated books and allowing him to read. My father desperately needs a medical check up to make sure that cancer has not returned to its body. Two years have passed since his last cancer examination, as he needs to be examined every 6 months."

As for what the embassy did few nights ago, when one of the embassy's employees poured a liquid on him while he was sleeping in front of the embassy, Mushaima said "this gives an indication to what the Bahraini regime can do to anyone who falls under its grip."

Mushaima began a hunger strike more than 10 days ago and protested in front of the embassy demanding treatment for his father, who is sentenced to life in prison, and who suffers from diseases, including cancer.

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