Families of Jaw Prison Detainees Ring the Alarm: 23-Hour Daily Water Deprivation

2018-08-09 - 9:54 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainees in Jaw Central Prison are suffering from extremely harsh conditions. Information stated that water is cut off 23 hours a day, and air conditioners are halted most of the times, despite the extreme hot weather. Amid severe overcrowding where the number of prisoner reached 14 in a cell and closing of prion cells for 23 hours per day, except for the "sports hours", several skin diseases started to appear among prisoners, in addition to weakness in their bodies, as a result of malnutrition.

Many detainees were also prevented from family visits, because the specialized cabins for visitations are not sufficient for this number of prisoners.  Families of the detainees stated that these conditions are still ongoing since about 3 months. They also called for an immediate and serious action in order to guarantee the detainees' fundamental rights.

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