Skin Clots on Body of Detainee Hajar Mansour, Fears that Stroke Would Return to Her

2018-08-09 - 7:34 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Hajar Mansour complained about the appearance of clotting spots on her skin, expressing her fear that the stroke she suffered years ago would return.

Human rights defender Ibtisam Al-Saegh said "clotting spots appeared on the skin. As a result, the detainee demanded to be examined by a doctor". She went on to say "when Hajar was transferred to the clinic, the doctor said that the symptoms may be due to bruises."

Al-Saegh added "Hajar confirms that she was not subjected to an accident and she is still banned from all activities. She is concerned the condition would deteriorate and she would develop more spots," indicating that "she suffered a stroke in her left side few years ago, which makes her concerned".

A local court sentenced Hajar Mansour, 49 years, to 3 years in jail over planning to plant "fake bomb". Human Rights Watch said the prosecution presented no evidence convicting the defendant, in order to challenge, relying instead on "confidential sources" and confessions the defendants claim were coerced.

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