Released Detainee Sayed Kadhem Abbas Loses Sight, Activist Al-Saegh: What Happened to him in Prison is Crime

2018-08-04 - 1:08 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that the recently released detainee Sayed Kadhem Abbas totally lost his sight.

Abbas is in hospital to receive treatment to cancer disease that was discovered while in prison. Authorities decided to release him after his health dangerously deteriorated.

The detainee complained about being denied medical treatment despite feeling dangerous symptoms. He demanded to be examined by a doctor since the symptoms started. However, the prison's administration postponed allowing him to receive his right to treatment. Meanwhile, the official registrar of patients claimed that his case doesn't require a transfer to hospital.

Al-Saegh published photos of her besides Abbas during visiting him in the hospital. She said on her Instagram account that the decision to release him came very late and that his condition reached dangerous level that threaten his life, stressing that this happened due to the prison administration delay in allowing him to receive treatment.

She said that an initial surgery was performed to pull the fluids and it was revealed that he suffers from a malignant tumor, stressing that he lost his sight as a result of the surgery complications.

Al-Saegh commented "it is sad that this youth who is at the peak of his life has become a person struggling to survive. This is due to a lack of precautions and deterrents against those who cause humanitarian situations to deteriorate in Bahrain prisons,

She stressed that Abbas needs an urgent action to save his life and that the Bahraini government should work to provide all ways that guarantee his receiving of suitable treatment to save him from death or handicap.  

The human rights activist indicated that there are several ignored cases in the prison that needs medical treatment and human dealing and that they are waiting for help.

She said "According to the standard rules for the treatment of prisoners, everything that happened to Kadhem is considered a humanitarian crime that falls under denial of treatment. Officials should be subjected to judicial accountability. Intensified surveillance should be made to prisons to stop the repetition of such acts."

Al-Saegh had followed Abbas's case and published his story with the disease and the way the prison administration dealt with him within the past two months, demanding an interference to allow him his right to treatment.

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