Isa Town Prison Refuses to Transfer Detainee Hajar Mansour to Hospital despite Symptoms of Blood Clots

2018-07-26 - 6:37 م

Bahrain Mirror: Detainee Hajar Mansour was transferred yesterday to the prison's clinic after symptoms of blood clots appeared on her leg. The doctor who examined her demanded sample of her blood platelets to determine the clotting rate; however, the Jaw Prison administration refused to transfer her to hospital to undergo tests, claiming they have no vehicle with security enhancement, activist Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei reported.

Al-Wadaei, son-in-law of the detainee, said that she has been suffering clots since Monday. However, her request to receive treatment was ignored and rejected, which led to her rapid health deterioration.

He held the interior ministry and prison official Mariam Al-Bardouli responsible for the safety of his mother in law. He also considered what happened against her an act of reprisal. Al-Wadaei further stated that she was suffering from seizure symptoms and asked Isa Town prison administration two days ago to transfer her to hospital. However, her request was rejected. He indicated that she has previously suffered from a stroke, expressing his concern that the disease would return to her.

The Ombudsman and official human rights organizations are failing to take any measure to stop these violations. This makes them involved in these acts, he indicated.

Al-Wadaei said that the prison official Mariam Al-Bardouli has carried out reprisal actions against Hajar Mansour and some prisoners, including denying the access of medical shoes for her despite her suffering back problems, refusing to transfer her to hospital to receive treatment for months, withdrawing her children's photos and all of her books, as well as harassing her and monitoring her private calls with her family.

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