BBC: 5000 Gulf Tweets Criticizing Naturalization in Bahrain

2018-07-17 - 8:25 م

Bahrain Mirror: In a coverage to the trending issues on social media outlets, BBC website stated that thousands of tweets discussed Bahrain's naturalization of foreigners via #Bahrain_Naturalizes_at_ Expense_of_our_Employment.

The website stated that Bahrain was criticized due to naturalizing non-Gulf citizens, especially Yemenis.
The hashtag was entitled #Bahrain_Naturalizes_at_ Expense_of_our_Employment, and more than 5000 tweets were posted throughout the past 3 days.
Several Bahrainis and Gulf nationals, especially Saudis, rejected the naturalization of Bahrain to foreigners.
A tweeter wrote "the indigenous Bahraini doesn't have an identity anymore after this excessive numbers of foreigners' naturalization. Refugees have priority in everything, education, hospitals and housing requests, let alone that their lack of ethics lead to problems with others."
Meanwhile, others pointed out to the "sectarian horizon" of Bahrain's naturalization, stating that it aims at increasing the number of Sunnis in the Shiite majority country.

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