Ayatollah Qassim Underwent Endoscopy Procedure in a London Hospital

2018-07-14 - 10:32 م

Bahrain Mirror: The spiritual leader of the Bahraini Shiite majority, Sheikh Isa Qassim, underwent on Thursday (July 12, 2018) an endoscopy procedure at a London-based specialist hospital, said a statement issued by the follow-up team on the treatment of Ayatollah Qassim.

The statement noted that the medical team took the necessary samples and transferred them to the special laboratories to determine the needed treatment. The location of the disease was accurately identified and diagnosed.

The statement concluded by thanking the references and representatives of religious authorities, scientists, personalities, institutions, estates and all the people of Bahrain for their contact with the follow-up team to check on his health.

The team concluded the statement by thanking the religious authorities and their representatives as well as the scholars, figures, institutions, Hawzas and all the people of Bahrain for contacting the follow-up team to check on the Sheikh's health.


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