Bahraini Government Issues One-Year Passport for Sheikh Isa Qassim Based on King's Order

2018-07-11 - 9:38 م

Bahrain Mirror:  News agencies revealed additional information about the travelling circumstances of spiritual leader of Shia majority Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim to the British capital, London, where he arrived two days ago to receive treatment after his health deteriorated.

News agencies reported sources in the opposition as saying that the Bahraini government issued a one-year passport for Sheikh Qassim, on orders of king Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, 2 years after Sheikh Qassim's citizenship was revoked on a decree issued by the king himself.

People close to Sheikh Qassim said that the issue of covering his treatment fees, which the Bahraini Foreign Minister said that the King would pay for, hasn't been decided yet and it was up to the sheikh to accept or reject the king's offer.

AFP linked, in its coverage of the news, the fact that Sheikh Qassim was allowed to travel to what it described as a "rare verdict" acquitting opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman of the colluding with Qatar case, issued 3 weeks ago.

Associated Press agency said that Qassim has been suffering from an undisclosed illness and recently fell and hurt himself as well. Sheikh Qassim and supporters would pay for his care.

In a statement to the agency, Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman said that Qassim's injuries stem from a fall he suffered at home in Diraz, a town long surrounded by security forces.

As his condition worsened in recent months, Qassim's relatives have repeatedly refused the government's offer to transfer him to a hospital in the island country, saying they feared he could be detained and deported were he to leave his residence, Middle East Eye stated.

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