Bahraini Acquitted of Involvement in Gas Cylinder Explosion in Samaheej

2018-06-27 - 12:00 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The fourth high criminal court in Bahrain acquitted a 23-year-old accused of involvement in a gas cylinder bombing on the highway, endangering people's lives. Despite the presence of his DNA on the tape used, the court said that it doubts the investigations conducted adding that the report of the CID Division alone was not sufficient to charge.

The Public Prosecution said that on February 14, 2015 he along with a number of unknown persons attempted to cause an explosion for a terrorist purpose by setting fire to a gas cylinder in a public place for the purpose of harming people, damaging public and private property, spreading terror and endangering their lives. The crime did not occur for a reason out of his control, which is that the fire was put out before the gas cylinder could explode. Others also set fire to movable property and that fire could have put people's lives and properties at risk for a terrorist purpose.

The Court stated that, in review of the case facts and circumstances, it sees that the accusation had been overshadowed by suspicion and doubt. The Court indicated that it was not satisfied with the seriousness of the investigations nor the testimony of the interrogators, adding that it was skeptical about the CID report being enough evidence for conviction.

The court added that from all of the above and in light of the lack of the evidence against the accused, the court, according to article 255, acquit the defendant of the charges.


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