Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim Transferred to Hospital, His Son and Son-in-Law Arrested

2018-06-25 - 9:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: The highest religious authority in Bahrain Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim was transferred on Sunday (June 24, 2018) to a hospital in an ambulance, after his health deteriorated.

Bahrain Center for Human Rights said in a statement that Qassin has been under house arrest for almost 400 days and he is denied enjoying his the right to media care except with a government permission and under strict security measures.

Sheikh Qassim was transferred to the hospital after his health deteriorated. While the reasons for his health deterioration have not been revealed yet, he has lost his ability to move and walk recently. The problem is his hips and pelvic area, according to the initial diagnosis.

Citizens stressed that the security authorities arrested Sheikh Qassim's son and son-in-law who were accompanying the ambulance and transferring his medications to the hospital.

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