Bahraini HR Organizations Welcome High Commissioner’s Speech

2018-06-19 - 10:06 م

Bahrain Mirror: Three Bahraini human rights organizations welcomed the speech given by Zeid bin Ra'ad Al-Hussein, the current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, in the UN Human Rights Council's 38th opening session, about the human rights situation in Bahrain. The organizations expressed gratitude that Bahrain's situation is still among the priorities of human rights issues followed by the high commissioner in the Arab nation.

The organizations (SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights, Bahrain Forum for Human Rights and Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights) thanked, in a statement, the high commissioner and the working team on their stances with respect to human rights situations in Bahrain, especially that Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad Al-Hussein is serving his last term in the Human Rights Council, calling on the Bahraini authorities to meet to the high commissioner's demands in receiving technical expertise offered by the UN in order to ameliorate the human rights situation in the Kingdom.

The organizations noted that the high and continuous applause that was heard after the high commissioner finished his speech in the opening session is a proof of appreciation to his work by the international human rights society and organizations, although many countries don't show cooperation with him, and on top Bahrain. The organizations wished him success in his upcoming human rights tasks.

The organization stressed that the high commissioner's criticism to the Bahraini government are right, because the authorities totally closed the democratic horizon and stressed on spreading the security first and entered Bahrain in a conclusive human rights crisis that coincided with judicial pursuit to activists and human rights defenders, in addition to passing laws that restrict freedom of expression.

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