Bahrain: At Least 6 Citizens Arrested within 48 Hours

2018-06-13 - 10:12 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities arrested at least 6 citizens within 48 hours, after launching vast security campaign and raiding dozens of houses in several villages.

Photographer Hassan Kambar was arrested in a house raid on Tuesday (June 12, 2018) in Nuwaidrat village. Kambar is sentenced to over 120 years in jail over political cases.

Eyewitnesses said that Kambar was transferred in an ambulance to an unknown place.

The security authorities also launched a wide security campaign yesterday morning in Shakoura village, which led to the arrest of 3 citizens "Ammar Abdulmajid, Ahmad Al-Zaki and Bader Yaackoub".

Ali Mortada Mahmoud, from Al-Ma'amir, was arrested from Bahrain International Airport while returning from India, where he pursues his university studies.

Besides, Hussein Al-Aradi, from Samaheej, was arrested today (June 13, 2018) at dawn, after raiding his house. Al-Aradi was taken to an unknown place.

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