Egyptian Series Shows Photos of Bahraini Activists Describing them as Terrorists Arrested in Cairo

2018-06-13 - 11:08 ص

Bahrain Mirror: A scene in one the Egyptian series included photos for Bahraini activists being described as Egyptian terrorist members who were arrested in an apartment in a region, located on the west of Egypt, on October 6.

A scene in series "Hidden Worlds" [Awalem Kahfiya] showed a group of Egyptian officers searching for the terrorist group that consists of 5 Egyptian members. However, it was weird that two of them are in fact detained Bahraini activists.

The series published photos of Ahmad Ali Mahdi (Sanad) and Mohammad Ali Jaafar Al-Baya'a (Bani Jamra) who are serving prison terms over taking part in pro-democracy and justice protests.

Families of the detainees were surprised of defamation of their sons and considered that publishing their photos is an "unjustified act".

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