Civil Defence Extinguishes Major Fire in Steel Factory

2018-05-24 - 8:01 م

Bahrain Mirror: A major fire broke out in a steel factory at Salman Industrial City. The Civil Defence controlled the fire with 17 vehicles and 74 personnel. The cooling operation immediately commenced to prevent another outbreak of fire.

Brigadier General Abdulaziz Al-Amer, Director-General of the Civil Defence Department, said that the main operations room received a message at 5:25 am and within a span of five minutes the team arrived at the scene of the incident. Fire vehicles were distributed in three divisions and the fire was contained in a short time.

The firefighters carried out the operation from outside because of the presence of chemicals inside the factory, while the hazardous materials team made sure that there were no leakages to prevent the fire from being intensified. The operations lasted until three hours wherein all the employees were evacuated from the factory.

The Director-General further added that the investigations are ongoing to find out the reason that led to the fire.

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