MPs Approve Law Allowing "Civilian Judges to Look into Family-Related Cases"

2018-04-26 - 2:10 ص

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain House of Representatives approved a bill amending certain provisions of the Court of Cassation Law, which aims to unify the grounds for contesting verdicts in both Sunni and Jaafari sects, whether issued by the High Civilian Court of Appeal or the High Civilian Sharia Court.

MP Ali Al-Atish expressed his reservation about the bill: "Let's set up early courts of cassation for contesting Sharia rulings." "The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs's view was not taken into consideration regarding this amendment, despite the fact that I called for this to take place at the specialized session," he said, asking:" Does this mean that the proposed amendment allows civilian judges to arbitrate in family-related rulings?"

He considered that this amendment contravenes the constitution in freedom of belief and trial, "how could one be forced to sue in a court where the majority of its judges are civilian while the cases are related to family law. Why did this amendment not coincide with another amendment corresponding to the Court of Cassation, so that the competent judges would be the ones on duty? That's why I have reservations about this project."


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