US State Department: Int’l Firms in Bahrain Reported Pressure Not to Promote Shia Employees

2018-04-23 - 8:16 م

Bahrain Mirror: The US State Department annual report about human rights stated that the Bahraini government does not implement the laws against official corruption adequately. Reports indicated that some officials reportedly engaged in corrupt practices with impunity.

Significant areas of government activity, including the security services and the Bahrain Defense Force, lacked transparency, and the privatization of public land a concern among opposition groups, the report further stated.

In the section regarding the workers' rights, the report stressed that the government sometimes interfered in GFBTU activities. It prevented international stakeholders from attending GFBTU events and from providing training opportunities to the GFBTU. In June, the government also issued a last-minute travel ban for a GBFTU representative to the ILO's annual conference.

As for the discrimination with respect for employment and occupation, the US State department said that there is a lack of transparency in hiring processes, especially for government positions, led to many complaints of discrimination based on sect or ethnicity. Human rights organizations reported that Shia citizens faced widespread employment discrimination in both the public and private sectors. Several international firms reported pressure not to promote Shia employees to positions of responsibility within their companies. According to the report, Sunni citizens often received preference for employment in sensitive government positions, notably in the managerial ranks of the civil service, as well as positions in the security services and the military.

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