Hajar Mansour and Madina Ali on Hunger Strike over Maltreatment in Women’s Prison

2018-03-23 - 7:27 م

Bahrain Mirror: Two political detainees started a hunger strike against maltreatment, activists' families said.

Hajar Mansour (mother-in-law of human rights activist Sayed Ahmad Al-Wadaie) and detainee Madina Ali started a hunger strike over maltreatment in Isa Town Women's Prison.

Family of Hajar Mansour stated that her health deteriorated yesterday (Thursday) as a result of the hunger strike.

A Bahraini court issued on Wednesday (March 21, 2018) 2-months jail term in absentia against Duaa Al-Wadaei, daughter of Hajar Mansour and wife human rights activist Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, over "insulting an officer".

The authorities have arrested dozens of Bahraini females since 2011 over political reasons. 14 Bahraini females currently languish behind bars, according to a recent statistics.

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