Bahrain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Receives Delegation from US Commission on Int’l Religious Freedom

2018-03-23 - 6:45 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Assistant Foreign Minister, Abdullah Al-Doseri, met on Thursday (March 22, 2018) a delegation from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, on the occasion of the delegation's visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

During the meeting Al-Doseri referred to the royal decree that established the King Hamad's Global Centre for Peaceful Co-existence and named the president and members of its board of trustees.

Bahrain is still facing criticism in the fields of human rights and religious tolerance based on the persecution it practices against majority of Shiite indigenous.

The US Department of State condemned in its report about religious freedoms the practices of its ally against Shiites, however, the department didn't take any measures to push Bahrain implement reforms.

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