Public Prosecution Releases Al-Watan Editor-in-Chief under Guarantee of his place of Residence

2018-03-21 - 7:49 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution released on Tuesday (March 20, 2018) Al-Watan newspaper's editor-in-chief, Youssef Al-Binkhalil, under guarantee of his place of residence. Al-Binkhalil was investigated over a lawsuit brought by MP Anas Buhendi who accused him of public defamation.

According to Al-Watan newspaper, Buhendi's lawsuit was based on a published news stating that citizens of the sixth district in the southern governorate sent a thanks letter to Minister of Justice Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa after suspending Buhendi from preaching.

After about one hour of investigation, the prosecution decided to release Al-Binkhalil under guarantee of his place of residence.

Al-Binkhali said that the notice submitted by Buhendi  against Al-Watan newspaper is malicious, adding that the plaintiff didn't comment on the published news and didn't contract the editorial section to inquire about it. The plaintiff didn't even request his right to reply or follow what was published.

Al-Binhkalil explained that the newspaper published the opinion of people of Buhendi's district within a thanks letter sent to the justice minister after suspending Buhendi from preaching.

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