Al-Nuaimi: Education Promotions Based on “Potential and Priorities”

2018-03-20 - 9:24 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Minister of Education Majid Al-Nuaimi said that promotions in the Ministry of Education are carried out according to "potential and priorities" and in direct coordination with the Civil Service Bureau.

He added that the Ministry is continuing its endeavors to improve the performance of its employees, which reflects positively on the outputs of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

According to the Ministry, to accept the candidacy for the post of school director, it is required to have spent at least two years as an assistant director, and have or a diploma or studying education, and is required to accept the nomination of the teacher to fill the post of director of an assistant school. In order to accept the nomination of a teacher for the position of a school assistant director, it is required to be classified on the fifth educational level, and not to have reduced attendance for health reasons during the year of candidacy and two previous years, to either be proved by a medical committee or have requested exemption from the Ministry, and to be classified among the teaching staff (teachers, first teachers, educational specialists, curriculum specialists, training and educational supervisors and social guidance specialists) for a minimum of eight years, provided that five years of teaching have been carried out at the ministry. The leave is not paid without a salary for 6 consecutive months or more within the years of service.

The applicant must hold the Bahraini nationality, have a diploma in education or a degree equivalent to that,  or a diploma of the Higher Institute of Teachers in Bahrain, with the exception of rare majors in technical and vocational education, must also enjoy physical health, have performance reports of the last three years with a ranking not less than a good, should not be subject to a disciplinary penalty that has not been cleared according to the periods stipulated in the civil service law; in addition to having good reputation and conduct, passing all the evaluation tests for applying for the job, and accepting any training associated with the post's duties.


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