Legislative Parliamentary Committee Recommends Approving Appointment of “Confidential Reviewer” in Ministries

2018-03-18 - 5:41 م

Bahrain Mirror: The Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee of the Bahraini House of Representatives recommended the approval of a parliamentary proposal that includes the adoption of the "confidential reviewer" mechanism to guarantee the good quality and development of government services, as the quality of services offered by state bodies from the point of view and experience of the client.

According to the explanatory note, the idea of ​​a "confidential reviewer" is an objective, periodic and confidential review and evaluation of the services, procedures and level of performance of the employees of different state entities that takes place by sending a qualified person to evaluate while playing the role of the beneficiary of the services.

According to the proposal, the results and reports should be presented to experts and decision-making bodies to be analyzed in order to improve and develop customer service in various government bodies, whether through direct attendance, telephone calls or even through electronic services.

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