12 Lanes Opened from Bahraini Side at King Fahd Causeway Today

2018-03-09 - 3:30 ص

Bahrain Mirror: Assistant Director-General for Technical Affairs and Spokesperson of the General Authority of the King Fahd Causeway, Emad Al-Muhaisen, announced the opening of the new cabins on the Bahraini side as of yesterday.

Al-Muhaisin said in a press statement that 12 lanes are ready to be operate in a pilot phase and will operate on a permanent basis in the coming period while the second phase, which has started and been worked on for a while, will not take a long time to be ready with 12 additional lanes.

Al-Muhaisin pointed out that the total number of lanes will reach 38 when there were previously 19 on both sides. The fishbone system was adopted, which has only been implemented at the King Fahd Causeway crossing.

He added that operations in the three stages were done in parallel, but the opening and the inauguration will takes place in consecutive stages so that they would be tested to avoid any problems.


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